4 Advantages of an Outsourced Marketing Department

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential to present a unified brand throughout both digital and traditional marketing outlets. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a reliable team that can craft a marketing strategy that ensures all outlets act in unison. Rather than outsourcing key strategic decisions and daily operations tasks to an external marketing agency, many businesses opt to have in-house staff take on the role.

However, in some cases, these companies may be spending too much time and money on less-than-stellar marketing. Particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, challenges abound: No matter how talented your team is, they simply may not possess the relevant marketing expertise and experience to provide a unified and consistent brand and strategy that will accomplish your company’s goals. While the choice is unique for every organization, here are four reasons to consider outsourcing your marketing strategy.


  1. Better Efficiency

If you have an in-house marketing staff, your team members are likely pulled in many directions. With already-heavy workloads, they may struggle to keep up with the rapid pace as they strive to maintain brand excellence. If certain to-do list items prove too time-consuming, these tasks may simply be scratched from the list. During a busy workday, unscheduled hiccups can lead to hastily finished projects and missed marketing opportunities.

By hiring an outside company, your organization effectively gains access to a dedicated team that focuses solely on marketing. This experienced team can increase brand awareness and boost marketing performance—all with fewer hiccups and fewer missed opportunities. Because they can quickly and easily produce polished campaigns and effective strategies, you can save time and money by outsourcing.


  1. A Diversified Team of Experience and Expertise

The diversified pool of knowledge and talent in a full-service marketing agency provides strategic planning and creative direction tailored to each brand. A savvy team can execute tasks efficiently and monitor results for future planning. A diversified marketing team stays abreast of the constant changes and updates to technology and provides a deeper understanding of market trends. As a result, they can create proficient deliverables and strategies in a timely manner.

With multi-level staff members at their disposal, the outsourced marketing team creates time- and money-saving opportunities. For example, combining the design creativity of a senior staff member and the implementation skills of a junior staff member ensures top-notch marketing materials at a more efficient cost.


  1. Reduced Overhead Costs

No matter the size of a company or marketing department, the overhead costs greatly affect the bottom line. Frequent technology updates combined with the time needed to research market trends can drain a marketing department’s budget quickly. Adding in-house employee costs such as salary, insurance, workers’ compensation, taxes, retirement, and health benefits further depletes the budget. During peak times, an in-house team may require added staff to fulfill needs. This ultimately results in higher costs without a guaranteed rate of return.

With a full-service agency at the ready, outsourcing a marketing department alleviates the financial burden. With a scalable marketing plan based on seasons and sales, an agency has the flexibility to increase production without the added costs involved with hiring and onboarding a new employee—all while maintaining the highest standards and brand consistency.


  1. No Redundancies

With a full-service marketing agency, a company has every element in the marketing process at their disposal. They can provide everything from market research and analysis, marketing plans, profitability projections, and budget recommendations to integrated strategies for lead and demand generation, loyalty programs, customer engagement, list building, brand recognition and expansion, and more—all with a single email or phone call.

The team can collectively share ideas and comments, allowing for clear communication between each team member. This alleviates miscommunication, fragmentation of strategy, scheduling conflicts, additional meetings, and additional overhead costs incurred with multiple agencies and specialists.

The effective, holistic marketing strategy that a full-service marketing agency produces ensures companies get optimal campaigns and brand awareness. This process allows executives to spend less time managing their marketing department and more time analyzing campaigns and developing new ideas.


The Benefits of Hiring Alter Imaging for Your Marketing Needs

Having access to a diversified team whose only purpose is to create timely, polished marketing solutions, catered to a specific brand’s needs, is an invaluable asset to a business. And with the ability to engage an entire team with a single phone call or email, companies can enjoy better, more efficient results.

Alter Imaging exists solely to provide these benefits and more. We understand that highly successful marketing results is vital to any business and are constantly developing our skills to produce top quality marketing strategies. We are ready to help companies utilize the benefits of a full-service marketing agency—as only Alter Imaging can deliver.