Digital Transformation: Why You Need More than Just a New Website

You want your company to succeed, and you understand the importance of a strong digital presence. So when a marketing company offers to design a stylish new website, you jump at the opportunity. You expect the new site will boost brand awareness, drive engagement, bring in new customers, and increase sales.

But nothing happens.

What gives? One big problem: A new website is simply not enough.

But you have an exciting opportunity: Focus on digital transformation (analyzing, prioritizing, and strategizing your entire digital presence) and you will see dramatic results.

What Is Digital Presence?

What does that term make you think of. Your website? Sure … but there’s a whole lot more.

Your digital presence refers to the space your brand occupies on the internet.

Google your brand. What comes up in your search results?

Your Facebook page. Your Instagram. Your LinkedIn profile. Videos you’ve posted. That blog you started and abandoned a few years ago. That’s your digital presence. That’s how people perceive your brand online.

Debunking Digital Marketing Myths

You want your brand to win at the internet, but you need to know there are no magic formulas.

As you devise your marketing plan, you’ll encounter misconceptions. Every infographic, study, and digital marketing guru offers a conflicting take that can leave you wondering what path to take. Inexperienced marketers will promise big results if you just put your faith in their cookie-cutter approach.

Post blogs only on Mondays and Thursdays—actually, Tuesdays and Fridays. Update social media three times a day—no, twice a week. Produce long-form articles. Focus on bite-sized content. Use a specific number of keywords in titles and intros. False, false, false.

The truth is, your brand is as unique as your fingerprint. No one-size-fits-all strategy will magically produce a winning digital presence. Your best option is to find an industry-leading partner who will take a business intelligence approach—diving deep to learn everything they can about your market, your goals, your audience, and your competitors. The right partner will view the situation from your perspective and strive to collaborate with you so they can deliver the best possible solutions.

Digital Transformation: Go Beyond Your Website

You don’t just need a new website.

What you need is a digital transformation strategy: a well-thought-out, carefully executed game plan for how your company behaves and is perceived online.

Ultimately, the solutions brands seek are as unique as those brands themselves. Yes, it may include a website. It also may include a SaaS solution or a mobile app. Perhaps it’s an email marketing campaign or banner ads. It may be any combination of those—and then some.

Ultimately, good strategy comes from innovative industry leaders who work with brands to provide the best path to empower success.

The team at Alter Imaging will apply a business intelligence approach to your entire digital presence. After formulating a strategy using this approach, we’ll provide a holistic solution that addresses the entirety of your needs across the spectrum of digital services.