Alter Imaging Launches New Website for Birdseye Renewable Energy


We kicked off 2017 by delivering an exciting new website for Birdseye Renewable Energy, a Charlotte-based developer that specializes in utility-scale solar facilities.

Birdseye needed a site that made it easy for visitors to learn more about its services and the benefits of solar energy. We worked closely with the Birdseye team to develop a mobile-responsive design that’s creative, intuitive, forward-thinking and user-friendly.

On the new site, visitors will find video, a project portfolio with an interactive map, information for new investors, and testimonials from some of Birdseye’s projects that represent an investment of over $690M and cover over 2,300 acres in the southeastern United States. The site also highlights the minimal impact solar assets have on surrounding land and explains the health, safety, economic and environmental benefits of solar energy.

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