Alter Imaging Launches New Site for Cosen Saws USA

Last June, Cosen Saws USA chose Alter Imaging as its agency to redesign their site, in order to better serve the US market. Cosen needed a site that would enable them to better educate and sell to their customers, and we are proud to announce that over the course of our relationship with them, we delivered just that.

The first project Alter Imaging undertook with Cosen was a microsite which served as the platform for a Cosen-sponsored contest. Customers were given a private link and login information to the page, where they would then be able to watch a live-streamed video of a Cosen saw in action. Viewers could then submit an estimation of how long it would take the CPC SmartSaw to break. This page gave users a first-hand look at Cosen products in action.

While Cosen customers were busy guess how long it would take the SmartSaw to break, the Alter Imaging and Cosen teams were working to finalize a sleek, easy-to-navigate design. The collaboration between the two teams resulted in an outdated, chaotic site being updated into a modern, intuitive site that is tailored to Cosen’s audience – all in a mobile-responsive design.

The new highlights features such as advanced catalog searches, which allows customers to find a product to fit their exact needs; one-on-one chat functionality, to give customers assistance whenever they need it; a virtual tour of the Cosen USA headquarters; as well as information about exclusive Cosen technology, all to show customers exactly what sets them apart from the competition.

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