Parallax Scrolling: What and Why You Must Know About It

The consumer of today demands many things of the websites they choose to view. Sure, they want to be informed. However, they also want to learn about the things that interest them in ways that are out of the ordinary, and that grab their attention. Parallax scrolling is the innovative new way that websites can stay on top of their game and meet both of those goals.

What is Parallax?

Parallax scrolling is achieved by setting the background image at a different scrolling speed than the forefront images. The best way to explain Parallax scrolling is to see it yourself. Oakley Moto has a wonderful example of Parallax Scrolling.

Why use Parallax?

Cutting Edge

If you want your website to incorporate the elements of web design that are currently trending, or that will be trending in the very near future, then you want it to be designed with parallax scrolling. Incorporating both scrolling and mouse clicks (or hand gestures, if viewed from a touch screen device), such websites give visitors a full range of motions.

Creative to the Max

One trick that your website must be able to master in order to make it work for your business is to not only capture the visitor’s attention to entice them to click on it in the first place, but also to stay there for as long as possible. Using parallax scrolling on your landing page immediately appeals to a person’s visual sense, reeling them in with its promise of interactivity. This often results in a person staying on the website to not only explore the moving parts that evolve from the parallax scrolling portion of the website, but other areas as well.

Storytelling at its Finest

Every business has a unique story that makes it different than its competitors. Telling this story is often part of what helps a brand build loyalty. With parallax scrolling, though, you can do more showing of your story rather than simply telling it. This type of visualization is a key factor in building better relationships with those people who are making their final decisions about which company to turn to for their needs.

This unique storytelling feature also allows you to show visitors exactly how your company is different than others. This enables them to get an instant visual as well as that crucial interactivity that is so important these days. Additionally, it helps to ensure that there are no misconceptions or mistaken assumptions about your company.

Parallax scrolling can push your business to the forefront of its industry simply as a result of what it offers visitors. Investing in this breakthrough design promises to set you leagues ahead of your competition.

Example of Parallax Design