Photos and Some of the Things You Should Consider Online

When you want to show off your favorite pictures on social media, using image editing tools to get the images ready for sharing is fun. There are many applications available to store, edit and share you images on the internet. Costs vary, but most applications are free or inexpensive to use, at least in the trial version.



Flickr is a photo sharing network that has undergone some recent changes. The viewer has been redesigned, and users now get 1 terabyte of free photo storage. Images on Flickr can be organized into groups, collections, and each image can be customized to determine who can see images.

On Flickr you can create usage licenses for your images, and you can allow your images to be searchable by the general public. This is an excellent application for photographers that are trying to get their work published in the media.

Flickr isn’t as easy to use as social sharing applications like Instagram, but the high resolution storage option make Flickr a relevant image sharing application once again. A $49 a year upgrade will get you unlimited storage on Flickr, keeping your images safe without having to worry about storing images in your computer.



When you want to make an easy collage out of some of your images, PicStitch is an easy to use application. It’s free to use, and you can choose to purchase an ad-free version if you become annoyed with the ads.

This is a simple application, where you add images to your collage, choose a filter and easily share the collage on social media. It’s not a professional grade application, but that’s fine for the casual sharing most people are looking for.

Making collages is a fun way to share several images at once, so you don’t have to blow up your social media feed with too many images. Create a collage using PicStitch and begin sharing. You will become addicted to the ability to create easy collages and share them instantly.



Another easy to use image editing tool is the Infogram application. The program comes with professional-looking theme options, and a chart generator that is intuitive to use.

The basic version of Infogram is free, but many of the features professionals look for in an image editing tool are only accessible through the paid edition. The pro edition costs $18 a month, which is useful for a business that needs to create infographics and doesn’t have a full-time web designer.

Infographics are created easily with this application, and they are easy to share on a website or social media. When you need to create branded content, the Infogram application is a good program to consider.



The VSCOcam is a great application to use on your iOS network or your Android phone. The design is clean and easy to use, and you can upload to most social networks straight from the application.

The variety of filters and tools available should be used with caution as too much processing make the photos appear grainy.

This application has become a very popular photo-processing application, and Instagram users have been using the hashtag #VSCOcam to show off their editing skills using this program.

Basic stats on photo views and the ability to follow other users are making this application close to Instagram, but comments and likes are still not a function of this image sharing application.

Image sharing has become abundant throughout social media. When you want to show your best images, or edit with some creativity, try one of these applications the next time you have some images you want to share that need to be edited. Most applications are intuitive to use, with an interface that is easy to navigate.