SERPS Explained

A viable website that is both informative and engaging needs certain elements. Ensuring that these elements are all present and accounted for goes a long way toward the top two goals of any website: showing up high in the search engine result pages and providing the type of content your visitors want to see the most.

Search Engine Result Pages, also known as SERPs, are what pops up on the computer screen when you search online. The key for businesses is to position themselves highly on the first page of those results. There has been plenty of research to show that people don’t usually click beyond the first page of results. Even more telling is the fact that many people click only on the first link on the first page of results.

Organic search engine results are those that show up under the paid results. Your goal is to have your business rank high up in those pages. There are several key factors that help push it higher.



In the not-so-distant past, some websites stuffed their pages with keywords that people would most likely use to search for the services or products their business sells. It didn’t take long for Google, the number one search engine, to crack down on that practice. Today, using keywords is still part of the process of making sure your website show prominently within the search engine results.



This is where the keywords really come into play in your website. When people search online, they want authoritative answers. They want information they can use to help them answer their questions and solve their problems. That being said, people today are busier than ever before. Keeping content concise and to the point while still targeting the required keywords that are relevant to your business is the challenge.



A variety of content – blog posts, articles, videos – help keep your website active and engaging. This helps it rank more favorably in the SERPs while also appealing to your audience.

A well crafted marketing campaign helps you attain a high ranking spot in the SERPs, making it a worthy investment.