Marketing Strategy

Your digital platform should be working 24/7 to market your organization, attract customers, convert leads and close sales. Our team can help you develop a smart, cost-effective strategy to maximize your digital ROI.

Market Research

The first step is understanding and clearly defining your market. This includes defining who and what you are, identifying your target audiences and your competition. Monitoring your competition can help inform new strategies for expanding your reach and converting leads.


As we drive traffic to your website, social media channels or blog, it’s critical to analyze and understand who your users are, where they’re coming from, how they got to your site, where they’re engaging on your site and where they leave. This knowledge informs ongoing approaches and helps us maximize your efforts.

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is often overlooked, but can be a game-changer for optimizing your website for conversions. We can help you increase conversions and lower bounce rates. Here’s how:

We identify and correct issues with usability. We know how to find website weaknesses. We search for barriers that may be preventing your visitors from taking action and causing them to bounce to another site.

We research your competition. We look at other websites to determine if and how a competitor is “stealing” your leads and prospects. This helps us understand how to bridge gaps and expand your reach and engagement in specific markets.

We run A/B tests. Once we understand what’s working well and where you can do better, we assess different variables to determine the most efficient path to the best results.