Brand Strategy

Branding is much more than just a good logo.

You actually need a great logo! But that’s not all. Your visual branding represents your organization, products, and services. It helps customers remember you and sets you apart from your competition. It reflects your organization’s culture and unifies your internal and public facing communications.

Visual Brand

Branding spans across all aspects of your organization, including your digital presence—website, social media platforms, and applications—print materials, products, services, packaging, advertisements, even your organization’s culture and internal communications. A strong and effective visual brand is not only thoughtful and compelling, it must also be consistent across all of your internal and outbound communications.

Unique Identity

Your visual identity should reflect the uniqueness and value of your brand. It must be appealing to your demographic and help attract the audiences you want to engage. For example, if the goal behind your brand image is to get personal with your clients and over-deliver in customer service, but you have a cold corporate visual design, you’ll miss the mark. Prospects and customers will recognize the conflict between your message and your presentation.

Case Study: The Alter Symbol

We’re a diverse team united around a shared vision—for being a trailblazing creative digital solutions company that challenges convention and creates lasting value. We needed a brand that reflects that vision and our passion for working together to achieve it.

The Alter mark is a thought provoking symbol that challenges convention by presenting multiple views simultaneously. This is how we approach each partnership—by combining our expertise and diverse perspectives to explore different ideas and options until we identify the best solution for our clients.

Story Telling

Visual storytelling is the key to successful brand marketing and visual branding. Visual content and graphics are an important strategy within every new-media marketing plan. These elements serve as visual cues that help you connect with your audiences, keep them engaged and motivate them to act.

With original, informative, valuable and visually appealing content, you can capture and keep consumer attention, build brand recognition, and position your organization as an industry leader.

Define Your Culture

A strong visual brand is also an effective way to communicate to your employees about your mission, standards, and goals. This helps to create unity within your organization, promote employee retention and lead to better customer service, marketing, and sales.

If your branding isn’t working this hard for you today, we can help you put your best face forward.