Responsive Web Design

Why is Responsive Web Design Important?

Smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices are part of our daily routine. Consumers of all ages carry them everywhere and often have more than one mobile device on hand at any given time.

This is why your organization needs a responsive digital design.

Responsive web design ensures that you’re offering people a consistent, user-friendly experience no matter which device they’re using. It gives you more and better ways to engage with your audiences—from delivering valuable content and collecting information to driving sales and fundraising.

Versatile and Compact

Responsive web design distinguishes which platform visitors are using and adjusts to accommodate the screen size and resolution. This design approach uses one central site to provide the optimal browsing experience for multiple viewing platforms.

Want to see for yourself? Open a newer website in your browser and slowly reduce the browser window to the size of your mobile phone. If the page continues to adjust to the shrinking screen size, then it was created using responsive web design.

Strong ROI

Building a responsive design can significantly expand your market—and help you save time and money.  In many cases, it can eliminate the need to build and market a separate mobile site.

When you implement responsive design on your website, your business benefits by:

  • creating a stronger first impression.
  • expanding your reach to allow more people to more easily engage with you.
  • gaining leads and sales from mobile device users.

Best Web Practices

Responsive web design used to be optimal but in today’s market, it’s essential. Our designers and developers stay on top of emerging technologies and the latest web design techniques. We understand how to take advantage of the best that HTML, CSS, Javascript and other scripting and coding languages offer.

We approach design from the users’ perspective, anticipating why people come to your site and delivering exactly what they want without making them work for it. Our design solutions are purposeful—driven by content, analytics and your end goals. For every project, from rebranding to ecommerce, we deliver scalable cost-effective solutions that offer an optimal and intuitive experience.