CRM Planning & Integration

CRM Solutions

Customer relationship management (CRM) means understanding your customers—current, former, prospective—their needs and the best ways to maximize your interactions with them.

Every business understands this is important. Not every business knows exactly how to do it. That’s where we come in.


A successful CRM initiative will produce immediate results and lay the foundation for an enterprise-wide solution. By understanding the value drivers of your business, we create result-driven strategies and sustainable competitive advantages. We prioritize the plan based on the investment and impact on your business.

Maturity Analysis

Many new clients aren’t sure how effective their current CRM efforts are, and are even less aware of the gaps in their programs. Building a path to your ideal outcome requires an accurate understanding of where you’re starting.

Our maturity analysis evaluates how you’re leveraging digital platforms like Google and Facebook to connect with your customers. You’ll learn where you’re strong and where opportunities lie with capabilities and technologies you’re not maximizing.

CRM Integration

By focusing specifically on digital marketing, we help organizations derive the maximum value from their data assets.

We find the ideal intersection of business objectives, customer expectations, available data assets and proper digital channels. This helps us understand the highest-value customer experiences and actions, the CRM data needed to effectively target and engage customers, the most compelling messages, and the optimal mix of digital media. These are the ingredients we need to improve your conversion rate.

Customer Journey Planning

Customer relationships don’t happen randomly. To maximize a customer’s satisfaction and lifetime value, you need to meticulously plan every interaction.

Understanding your customers’ path to purchase is critical for moving them from awareness to engagement. Customer journey planning begins by using demographic, purchase behavior and brand perception data to understand and segment your customers. This allows us to craft the ideal touch-point map and media mix for engaging each segment—and continuing to measure and optimize along the way.

By tailoring communications to each customer’s unique perceptions, needs and preferences, you’ll see more sales, higher satisfaction levels and longer customer relationships.