Alter Imaging Announces New Partnership with Cosen Saws USA

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In February of this year Cosen International, Inc. began their search for a new digital agency to help them accomplish their online goals. After a long vetting process and comparing 12 top national agencies head to head, Alter Imaging is extremely excited to announce a new partnership with Cosen Saws USA as their number one agency of choice!

Alter Imaging takes pride in every relationship that is formed; whether it be a client relationship or non, we value each and every kind. Alter Imaging will be working with Cosen Saws USA to redesign and develop a new website that will enhance the functionality and user experience and effectively market Cosen to the North American market. Along with a few additional surprises that cannot be divulged at this time, Alter Imaging will be engaged in several additional projects and campaigns that will showcase Cosen’s state-of-the-art technology that set separates them from their competition.

Spearheading the partnership for Cosen is Mr. Kurt Pfeifer, the head of the Marketing Department, and Mr. Peng Huang, the President of Cosen Saws USA. Mr. Kurt Pfeifer stated,  “The reason why we went into this project was because the international site was designed by a company in Taiwan and the functionality doesn’t play in the Us market because it didn’t provide the necessary information for the customers”.  The Cosen team conducted extensive research and held lengthy interview processes in effort to find the right company to hire for rebuilding their website. They searched across the United States including companies in Chicago, California, North Carolina, Florida and more. They were looking for a company with a history of quality work and experience with web development in relation to manufacturing companies.The overall process of researching and interviewing lasted 10-11 weeks before Cosen made a decision. Following the 11 weeks, Mr. Pfeifer was confident in his and Mr. Huang’s decision and stated, “Alter Imaging is the best of the best when it comes to Web Development companies, the real strength is to build personal relationships that we put our trust in for the development of both projects. Alter Imaging was the clear choice for a website to help enhance Cosen’s ability to sell and inform consumers.”

Alter Imaging takes pride in having a wide variety of clients ranging from real estate, e-commerce, cleaning services, saw manufactures and more. It is our goal at Alter Imaging to make sure all our projects exceed our client’s expectations with a unique look in order to help them improve their business operations.