Your Mobilized Business and You: Do You Need a Mobile App or a Mobile Website to Reach Customers?

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Business benefit from connectivity, and the mobile revolution has opened numerous avenues to consumer relations. Accessible brands stay popular, and smartphone accessibility, when implemented correctly, can power a company in the years to come. To boost sales and retain customers, however, a brand should be informed about mobile app and mobile website compatibility. Not every business needs a native app, and not every business needs mobile web access. If you’re considering a fortified strategy, or, if you’re drafting a plan to extend your business platform in a mobile direct, find out the vital differences between mobile apps and websites below:

A Closer Look at the Mobile Website

Mobile websites are specifically tailored to offer touch-screen brand accessibility. Smartphones and tablets can both access a branded mobile website, and consumers can interact with businesses via Safari and Chrome. A branded mobile website is important, as it complements the mobile world’s shift from desktop to mobile. As of July 2015, digital media on mobile surpassed desktop media at 51 percent. Buyers are challenging the way businesses host online portals, and they’re inciting a mobile-website-based shift.

Why Use a Mobile Website?

Businesses can gain a lot from mobile website access. Mobile websites boost navigation while ‘compacting’ a company’s message. Mobile-friendly content is highly digestible, and it offers unparalleled accessibility. Swift calls-to-action, immediate e-commerce cart checkout and even in-store information finds a home in the mobile website. Mobile websites are getting better, too. Last year, 54 percent of smartphone owners stated they avoid misplaced, clunky and awkward website advertisements. Modern mobile marketers have powered the future of online advertisement by rendering easy access web ads, and they’re intend upon moving the trend forward.

A Closer Look at the Mobile App

A mobile app, meanwhile, offers packaged brand benefits within a small, instantly downloadable software packet. Mobile apps are incredibly popular—and for good reason. Brands can effectively cut out a small slice of their targeted user-base, gifting them with interactive software, games, utilities and more. Mobile apps are highly influenced by SMS marketing, too, which remains a top-dog business world outreach tactic. Approximately 98 percent of mobile consumers between ages 30 and 50 text. Almost 100 percent of mobile consumers between ages 18 and 29 text.

Why Use a Mobile App?

Mobile apps are becoming the smartphone’s main area of marketing operations. Apple’s iOS 9 is maneuvering advertisements from search browsers into in-app locations. While mobile websites are still viable advertisement platforms, mobile apps succeed in further influencing a well-segmented audience. Mobile apps are fantastic additions to automated messaging services, too. Powered for loyalty programs, mobile apps experience a 90 percent success rate when attached to a loyalty-centric SMS marketing platform. Mobile apps are high-powered calculation machines, too. Effective at managing consumer input, metrics and even buyer behavior, the modern mobile app is a tool for buyer and seller alike.

Should My Company Choose a Mobile Website or a Mobile App?

Your company should determine its initial installments on its user-base. If your brand is developing an e-commerce platform, or if it’s extending its market reach—you should power it with a mobile website. Just remember the key is to promote your optimize website through search engines, mobile ads, social media influencer outreach, and SMS. If, however, your brand is engaging consumers individually, a mobile app is invaluable. Craft a utility-centric mobile app to inspire users, and check out this article on MMS marketing. By tying a rich multimedia campaign into your mobile app marketing tactics, you can supplement a long-term user-base with intelligent, useful content. Remember: Every business is different. Take advantage of your brand’s biggest benefits, and woo your customers with ongoing benefits.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt a branded mobile app for your company? I would love to read your comments below.

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