Your Mobilized Business and You: Do You Need a Mobile App or a Mobile Website to Reach Customers?

Business benefit from connectivity, and the mobile revolution has opened numerous avenues to consumer relations. Accessible brands stay popular, and smartphone accessibility, when implemented correctly, can power a company in the years to come. To boost sales and retain customers, however, a brand should be informed about mobile app and mobile website compatibility. Not every […]

Mobile Web Design for 2015.. And Beyond!

Changes are coming to how search engine giant Google will be ranking websites. As mobile devices overtake the desktop as the most common way people surf the Internet, organizations need to pay close attention to mobile users. Google recently announced that it will be adjusting its search engine algorithm to rank mobile-friendly websites significantly higher, […]

Digital Marketing in 2013 – Mobile Trends

Next time you’re out eating lunch, look around. What do you see besides people eating? Most likely you’ll see someone using their mobile device searching on the internet, either for business or pleasure. This year we are going to see an increase in engagement. The use of mobile devices is increasing every year as 55% […]