Alter Imaging Named Best Web Design 2016

We are excited to announce that Google Capital backed Thumbtack has named Alter Imaging to the Best of 2016 list due to excellent customer reviews. Our priority has always been to deliver goal-centric solutions for all of our clients spanning the United States within a multitude of industries. This can range from web design and development […]

Stop Asking if SEO is Dead

SEO has been on the receiving end of numerous death claims for years now. To some, SEO is nothing more than an outdated tactic; a once relevant practice now consumed and overcome by a myriad of other “more important” digital strategies. To others, SEO is still very much alive; an ever-advancing product of its own […]

Differentiation Online: Just Do It

Differentiation is a big word with a simple meaning; stand out! Businesses recognize the need to stand out as they go head to head with their competition every day, but often they lose sight of this concept when it comes to online marketing. Cultivating a sustainable competitive advantage means nothing if potential customers know nothing about it. […]

Countdown to 2016 Success

  As the new year approaches, many business owners are wondering how they can leverage digital marketing for 2016. Most business owners understand the need for digital marketing, but lack the understanding of which route to take. To help, we are counting down to 2016 with 10 online marketing strategies, tips, and industry recommendations to […]


Mobile Web Design for 2015.. And Beyond!

Changes are coming to how search engine giant Google will be ranking websites. As mobile devices overtake the desktop as the most common way people surf the Internet, organizations need to pay close attention to mobile users. Google recently announced that it will be adjusting its search engine algorithm to rank mobile-friendly websites significantly higher, […]

What is Conversion Optimization?

Conversion rate optimization, in its simplest terms, is the ability to get those people who are already at a website to convert to a sale. In the past, the mentality has been that a website only needs to get people to visit it. The act of getting those people to make a sale was sure […]

SERPS Explained

A viable website that is both informative and engaging needs certain elements. Ensuring that these elements are all present and accounted for goes a long way toward the top two goals of any website: showing up high in the search engine result pages and providing the type of content your visitors want to see the […]

Taming Google’s Animals

After Google rolled out their Penguin and Panda updates, many websites were shaken up by the results. We outlined some of the effects of the Penguin update in a previous blog post here. The takeaway to be aware of with these previous updates, which are typically a series of small updates spread out over time, is […]

What Did Google Change?

On May 22nd 2013 Google released what is known as “Penguin 2.0”. That is a Project name given to what really amount to an algorithm change that alters the way Google displays search results on within their site. Specifically, it affects which sites they choose to show and in what order thy show them. The […]

Marketing Your Business With Pinterest

When it comes to internet marketing, you’re likely aware of all of the social media marketing that you should be doing. Some heavy hitters include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others all have their appeal. Businesses may not know a lot about Pinterest and think it’s a site to share recipes, however, by not knowing could […]