Alter Imaging Launches New Site for Cosen Saws USA

Last June, Cosen Saws USA chose Alter Imaging as its agency to redesign their site, in order to better serve the US market. Cosen needed a site that would enable them to better educate and sell to their customers, and we are proud to announce that over the course of our relationship with them, we […]

Alter Imaging Announces New Partnership with Verigent, LLC

In June of this year, Verigent, LLC began the search for an agency that would be able to tell their story – where they started, how far they have come, and where they are going in the future. Based in Mooresville, NC, and relocating to Huntersville, NC in October, Verigent is a nationally-recognized industry leader […]

Video, Infographics & Millennials

Visual storytelling depends on talented use of graphic designs, photos, infographics, and video. While great content is extremely significant, adding something visual enhances it, making it more aesthetically pleasing and meaningful to your viewers. It needs to catch the consumers’ interest and make a quick, positive impression in a micro-moment. We use YouTube for tutorials, […]

Photos and Some of the Things You Should Consider Online

When you want to show off your favorite pictures on social media, using image editing tools to get the images ready for sharing is fun. There are many applications available to store, edit and share you images on the internet. Costs vary, but most applications are free or inexpensive to use, at least in the […]

Parallax Scrolling: What and Why You Must Know About It

The consumer of today demands many things of the websites they choose to view. Sure, they want to be informed. However, they also want to learn about the things that interest them in ways that are out of the ordinary, and that grab their attention. Parallax scrolling is the innovative new way that websites can […]

Web Design Trends 2014

Are you looking for some fresh inspiration in your web design projects? 2014 promises to be a banner year of innovation amid plenty of inspiring techniques. If these techniques had to be summed up in one word, it would be: simple. A few trends to look for, in no particular order of preference, follow. 1. […]

3 Considerations When Designing A Logo

A company’s logo/mark  is it’s most valuable visual asset.  Logos communicate a company’s culture, purpose and primary goals to it’s market and customers.  After a logo has been created, brand standards (color schemes, font styles, display materials, collateral design, etc) that promote and complement the mark need to be established and integrated  into all customer facing […]

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Review from a Designers Point of View

When I first heard about Adobe’s Creative Cloud concept a few years ago I immediately turned my nose up. Initially, I felt that the monthly fee associated with the product was just another way for the software giant to suck some more coin from the user. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to utilize the […]

Tips for Improving Your Online Contact Form

The hours of revisions and testing have come to an end and that newly designed website has finally launched. Armed with killer strategy and call to actions on every page it’s important not to forget about the vehicle that carries those oh so important leads – the contact form. An area often overlooked, could be […]

Digital Marketing in 2013 – Display Advertising

Creating the best banner can be challenging; however, an effective banner can increase your CTR by 2% to 3% or more while a standard banner can provide an average of only .04%. How can you create a compelling banner? Consider some of the elements below while creating your ad, and watch it increase your CTR. […]