Alter Imaging Launches New Site for Cosen Saws USA

Last June, Cosen Saws USA chose Alter Imaging as its agency to redesign their site, in order to better serve the US market. Cosen needed a site that would enable them to better educate and sell to their customers, and we are proud to announce that over the course of our relationship with them, we […]

Alter Imaging Launches New Website for Birdseye Renewable Energy

  We kicked off 2017 by delivering an exciting new website for Birdseye Renewable Energy, a Charlotte-based developer that specializes in utility-scale solar facilities. Birdseye needed a site that made it easy for visitors to learn more about its services and the benefits of solar energy. We worked closely with the Birdseye team to develop […]

Agile Vs Waterfall When Managing Digital Projects

Waterfall is the traditional way of developing and managing products. With its distinct and linear model of design, Waterfall was a popular option for working collaboratively for many years. Recently, however, its limitations have given rise to an new way of product management, and that is Agile. In order to formulate an opinion about making […]