3 Considerations When Designing A Logo

A company’s logo/mark  is it’s most valuable visual asset.  Logos communicate a company’s culture, purpose and primary goals to it’s market and customers.  After a logo has been created, brand standards (color schemes, font styles, display materials, collateral design, etc) that promote and complement the mark need to be established and integrated  into all customer facing […]

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Review from a Designers Point of View

When I first heard about Adobe’s Creative Cloud concept a few years ago I immediately turned my nose up. Initially, I felt that the monthly fee associated with the product was just another way for the software giant to suck some more coin from the user. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to utilize the […]

Choosing a Website Color Scheme

Finding a great color scheme can make the world of difference when it comes to creating a website that’s both eye catching and functional.

Digital Marketing in 2013 – Responsive Design

As technology evolves, the way in which people interact with your brand online continues to expand. From social media to mobile devices, you need to ensure your company reaps all the benefits web marketing can provide. In the following four part series we’ll talk about strategies that can improve your brand interaction, visitor engagement and […]