Digital Marketing in 2013 – Responsive Design

As technology evolves, the way in which people interact with your brand online continues to expand. From social media to mobile devices, you need to ensure your company reaps all the benefits web marketing can provide. In the following four part series we’ll talk about strategies that can improve your brand interaction, visitor engagement and […]

Web Designer vs. Web Developer

So you are a looking for a Charlotte web design agency to create your company’s website. You start with Google for your search. You type in “Charlotte web de” and before you finish typing “design”, Google auto-suggests “Charlotte web design” and “Charlotte web development”. Which one do you need? What’s the difference between a web […]

Your Phone is Smart…But Is Your Website?

There’s a reason that more and more people are starting to ask about the “mobile version” of their website. Consider this – how long has it been since you’ve picked up your phone to use it other than for calling or texting? My guess is less than 24 hours, maximum. Whether you’re traveling, waiting for […]

The Outdated “Home” Button

When we develop a new website, one of the first steps our account managers take is to develop the site map. The purpose of the site map is to outline the hierarchy of the website pages and how they will relate to each other. Invariably, we have clients who want to put the ‘Home’ button […]