Digital Agency vs Traditional

Today’s marketing world is dominated by two different types of agencies: digital and traditional. Obviously, as a digital agency, Alter Imaging is biased when comparing the two but we (sorta) tried to provide an unbiased comparison. Let’s start with a look at what a digital agency is… About Digital Agencies Digital agencies utilize new technologies […]

How to Write a Tagline that Sticks

When you hear “Just do it” or “Think Different“, what comes to mind? If you’ve been conditioned enough, you’ll recognize that the two phrases are the taglines of Nike and Apple. The same thing goes for other taglines like “Who ya gonna call” (Ghostbusters) and “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” (Kellogg’s Rice Krispies). These taglines stick for […]

Create a Powerful Landing Page that Generates Leads

Most web developers place a high priority on having visitors view a particular page or site. While search engine optimization and other means of site traffic are definitely important, they’re no substitute for an attractive and effective landing page. Below are three simple, yet effective ways to increase the chances of visitors converting into a qualified […]

The Outdated “Home” Button

When we develop a new website, one of the first steps our account managers take is to develop the site map. The purpose of the site map is to outline the hierarchy of the website pages and how they will relate to each other. Invariably, we have clients who want to put the ‘Home’ button […]