Why Use Twitter for Business

Today, having a great website is one piece of the puzzle as it can attract customers and maintain a steady online presence.  Over the last few years business owners have tested and tried various advertising and promotional techniques. Although, email advertising and direct mail approach is effective, they are becoming somewhat, well obsolete. Social media has […]

Create a Powerful Landing Page that Generates Leads

Most web developers place a high priority on having visitors view a particular page or site. While search engine optimization and other means of site traffic are definitely important, they’re no substitute for an attractive and effective landing page. Below are three simple, yet effective ways to increase the chances of visitors converting into a qualified […]

Four Considerations for Your Internet Marketing Budget

Are you spending too much or not enough on internet marketing to have the biggest impact? Is the money you are spending well-invested, or could you put it to better use elsewhere? Believe it or not, these are great questions be wrestling with, since they mean that you’re fully engaged in your business and looking for […]