Why Use Twitter for Business

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Today, having a great website is one piece of the puzzle as it can attract customers and maintain a steady online presence.  Over the last few years business owners have tested and tried various advertising and promotional techniques. Although, email advertising and direct mail approach is effective, they are becoming somewhat, well obsolete.

Social media has evolved into an important puzzle piece, becoming an essential internet marketing tool for business owners. More and more businesses are turning to Twitter to assist in promoting products and services to audiences within seconds. Below are suggestions on how a business can use Twitter.  Just think, this could be the piece that completes the puzzle.

Finding Customers

Millions of potential customers use Twitter each day and it’s become one of the most effective and cost effective ways to spread the word. People tweet each other all day and when people want to share news about a specific service or product, they don’t hesitate to share that information/opinions on Twitter. Businesses can find out what their customers like and don’t like in a matter of minutes. Searching hash-tags that are relevant to a product or service can help businesses keep up with the current trends.

A Great Way to Advertise

Businesses should get in on the action and get noticed. Twitter offers businesses the ability to promote products and advertise their services for free.  Owners can easily keep up with their competitors and know what the latest products are being introduced into the marketplace. Once a tweet is sent, it takes seconds for the post to reach millions of people.

Increase Sales, Profits and Awareness

Hundreds of well known businesses have increased their sales, and are now enjoying hefty profits, all thanks to Twitter. It’s a powerful, unique and viral service. Business owners have the option to include their logo, add a business website, a short bio, and upload images. Using images is a great way to introduce their brand and ultimately maintain an online presence which helps Search Engine Optimization. Tweets are sent all day, every day, as part of the promotion process.

View Customer Feedback

Do you know what customers are saying about your products and services? Customers will rarely, pick up the phone to call in regards to a complaint or comment. Instead they will use social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter to express their concerns. Using Twitter can improve the way businesses communicate with customers.

Staying In Touch

Twitter allows companies to upload pictures of products, or perhaps share testimonials with potential customers. People like to know what they are investing their money and time into. Busy business owners can take advantage of other services offered by Twitter like “Twitter mobile” apps. It allow busy owners to keep up with the latest news about their company, while they are out of state or in another country.

Social media is constantly growing and continues to play an important role in internet marketing strategies. Contact us today and learn how we can help your business grow.

Twitter Fun Facts

  • Currently 8% of U.S. internet users use Twitter, that’s over 500 million users
  • An average of 460,000 accounts are created daily
  • There are roughly 177 million tweets sent each day
  • 182% increase in mobile Twitter users in the past year – 37% of users tweet from their phone
  • 51% of Twitter users follow companies and brands
  • 60% are likely to recommend companies they follow
  • 82% of businesses with a Twitter account tweet company news an average of 27 times per week.
  • 38% of companies respond to tweets
  • Justin Bieber has the most followers with over 41 million followers.