Marketing Your Business With Pinterest

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When it comes to internet marketing, you’re likely aware of all of the social media marketing that you should be doing. Some heavy hitters include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others all have their appeal. Businesses may not know a lot about Pinterest and think it’s a site to share recipes, however, by not knowing could be e affecting the overall marketing strategy – and not in a good way.

Pinterest offers the ability to have interest boards on your account. Depending upon the business, users can create boards pertaining to what the business offers.

Check out our Pinterest profile and you’ll be able to see the boards we have created. By viewing our profile, you can see that it’s a great way to display our company blogs and recent projects we have completed.  Also, it’s easy to share blogs that we find to be useful and interesting, including subjects about SEO, web design, programs and internet marketing.

Let’s look at a bakery company as an example. They may want to have boards having to do with the “best wedding cakes ever,””cake design we like” and “summer cake themes.” Once created, the business would want to “pin” up a variety of pictures of wedding cakes, designs and summer cake themes that an be searched for within Pinterest.

Especially when you are looking to involve yourself in search marketing, you want things having to do with your business displaying in search results. If someone searches Google, Yahoo or Bing, they may come across your business via a Pinterest post. That is great and studies show that users go right to Pinterest to conduct searches of products and ideas.

When visiting Pinterest for Business for the first time, you will want to create a profile and brand yourself. Pay close attention to the brand as it’s important to make sure everything is viewed the same way across all social media sites. This includes using the same verbiage and tone of company message. Advertise the new Pinterest boards through Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media and marketing outlets that the business is currently using.

When the boards up and you’re in the habit of pinning more items, don’t forget to include keywords that visitors would use to find what the business offers, otherwise all of the work may have been done for nothing.

Stay on top of the internet marketing strategies as it’s an important way for visitors to find a business. Pinterest allows you to have a significant amount of information posted and it’s a free account, which essentially means that it’s only costing you time to get your products out to your users.

Good luck and happy pinning!