Digital Marketing in 2013 – Mobile Trends

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Next time you’re out eating lunch, look around. What do you see besides people eating? Most likely you’ll see someone using their mobile device searching on the internet, either for business or pleasure. This year we are going to see an increase in engagement. The use of mobile devices is increasing every year as 55% of adults use the internet on their mobile device and statistics show it will only increase. Internet usage done by a mobile device is going to pass desktop internet usage by 2014 and 7.96% off all web traffic in the U.S. will be done by a mobile device.

Internet marketing agencies are continuously keeping up with the trends as businesses want their websites to be accessible by mobile devices and tablets.  Today, more than ever, consumers are not only searching the internet, but they using their device for local search – restaurants, businesses, banks etc with the help of apps.

  • According to research, 29% of cell phone owners believe that their mobile device will be their primary device for entertainment needs.
  • Early 2012, statistics showed that 45% of all American adults use a smartphone
  • April 2012: 55% of adults use the internet on their cell phone.

Purchasing over the internet is quick and easy. With an increase of popularity among mobile devices and tablets, this year’s holiday shopping showed a 17% increase in online purchases. By using a mobile device allows consumers to spend more time online for shopping and can increase impulse shopping too.

If your business doesn’t have a mobile website, you are alienating a huge audience segment that could be a new client of yours.