Creating an online marketplace to transform how the dental industry buys and sells businesses

Tusk is a startup brokerage firm that came to Alter Imaging with a specific vision for a better way to buy and sell dental practices. We helped them refine that vision, break it down and formulate business rules for an application and brand that position them as an industry leader.

The Result?

A powerful digital marketplace that brings together buyers, sellers, in the dental industry. Tusk provides a simple, secure and streamlined experience built on software that gives buyers, sellers and job seekers more control, less hassle, and a more cost effective and streamlined way to buy and sell practices.

How We Made it Work

The Discovery process took three days to finalize, during which our business analysts and lead developers mapped out the purpose of the application and the functional specifications behind it. User roles, an administrative dashboard, registration processes, calculators, and a map are all part of the functionality behind the application that will transform the way the dental industry handles transactions. Our unique, business-minded approach is what makes our Discovery phases so successful. Understanding the business requirements at the start allowed us to translate Tusk’s unique vision into a powerful application. Our business analysts and lead developers mapped out the purpose of the application, as well as the logic and functional specs behind it. The requirements included sophisticated programming to build out responsive ‘listings’ pages that clearly present detailed financial and operational data for each available practice; an interface that provides users real-time updates and gives them control over their listings; a map with search and filtering features; an administrative dashboard; registration processes; and calculators.

In addition to creating Tusk’s new branding, logo and business cards, our team delivered a clean, elegant digital platform that features virtual tours and allows users to aggressively market their listings, schedule visits, secure financing and negotiate the close in an online deal room.

The Bottom Line?

Tusk enters the market as a forward-thinking, sophisticated full service brokerage that makes it easier and faster for buyers and sellers to find the right dental practice at the right price. By taking the industry digital, Tusk provides a radically better way to do business and serve a vast, diverse market ranging from new graduates and employers to business development directors for large dental service organizations.

Business smarts, close collaboration and good communication were key to the project’s success.


TTO relied on our team of business-minded thought leaders developed a ground breaking application that created a new commodities exchange marketplace.

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