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Web Designer vs. Web Developer

So you are a looking for a Charlotte web design agency to create your company’s website. You start with Google for your search. You type in “Charlotte web de” and before you finish typing “design”, Google auto-suggests “Charlotte web design” and “Charlotte web development”. Which one do you need? What’s the difference between a web […]

Seven Tips for Effective Blogging

Social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter, have become a primary avenue in distributing information quickly and effectively. At any moment, we can gather information on what’s going on around us. Yet, there is another way that information is being created and distributed daily…through blogs. There are no rules on how to blog, but […]

Your Phone is Smart…But Is Your Website?

There’s a reason that more and more people are starting to ask about the “mobile version” of their website. Consider this – how long has it been since you’ve picked up your phone to use it other than for calling or texting? My guess is less than 24 hours, maximum. Whether you’re traveling, waiting for […]

Be One With Whipple: A Primer on Good Copywriting

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This! That’s a title that will surely make you look twice when passing it in a book store. If it does catch your eye, pick it up. Then buy it, take it home and read it. Learn from it. Sullivan taught me more about the advertising and marketing industry in this book […]

Three New Hermes Awards!!!

Alter Imaging was just honored with three Hermes awards for web design and development.  Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media.  There were over 4700 entries from the United States and other countries in the 2012 competition. You can see […]

The Outdated “Home” Button

When we develop a new website, one of the first steps our account managers take is to develop the site map. The purpose of the site map is to outline the hierarchy of the website pages and how they will relate to each other. Invariably, we have clients who want to put the ‘Home’ button […]

Four Considerations for Your Internet Marketing Budget

Are you spending too much or not enough on internet marketing to have the biggest impact? Is the money you are spending well-invested, or could you put it to better use elsewhere? Believe it or not, these are great questions be wrestling with, since they mean that you’re fully engaged in your business and looking for […]