Photos and Some of the Things You Should Consider Online

When you want to show off your favorite pictures on social media, using image editing tools to get the images ready for sharing is fun. There are many applications available to store, edit and share you images on the internet. Costs vary, but most applications are free or inexpensive to use, at least in the […]

Ways to Boost Blog Traffic!

If you’re going to write a blog, then make it have an impact. The goal is to drive people to your site. Create helpful or entertaining content that identifies you as an authority and you’ll gain a following. Sounds easy? Follow these tips and make sure your blog is all it can be. Write on […]

Taming Google’s Animals

After Google rolled out their Penguin and Panda updates, many websites were shaken up by the results. We outlined some of the effects of the Penguin update in a previous blog post here. The takeaway to be aware of with these previous updates, which are typically a series of small updates spread out over time, is […]

Digital Agency vs Traditional

Today’s marketing world is dominated by two different types of agencies: digital and traditional. Obviously, as a digital agency, Alter Imaging is biased when comparing the two but we (sorta) tried to provide an unbiased comparison. Let’s start with a look at what a digital agency is… About Digital Agencies Digital agencies utilize new technologies […]

How to Write a Tagline that Sticks

When you hear “Just do it” or “Think Different“, what comes to mind? If you’ve been conditioned enough, you’ll recognize that the two phrases are the taglines of Nike and Apple. The same thing goes for other taglines like “Who ya gonna call” (Ghostbusters) and “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” (Kellogg’s Rice Krispies). These taglines stick for […]

Be One With Whipple: A Primer on Good Copywriting

Hey Whipple, Squeeze This! That’s a title that will surely make you look twice when passing it in a book store. If it does catch your eye, pick it up. Then buy it, take it home and read it. Learn from it. Sullivan taught me more about the advertising and marketing industry in this book […]